14 #YesAllWomen Tweets That Everyone Needs To See

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If you aren’t familiar with #YesAllWomen, you should definitely check out these posts by Claudia Guthrie, Ella Ceron, and Jamie Varon. Once you’re done with those you need to read the following tweets which hopefully resonate with everyone that’s sees them. It has to be more than a moment of awareness. It needs to become a catalyst of change. Hopefully this is just the beginning. TC Mark

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Death Grip- An Anorexia Story By Skylar Brady

My story got made into a documentary by a beautiful and fabulous individual! I thought I would share it here and share it today in case any one needed some lifting up. Despite everything going in my life, I know that God is good, my recovery is solid, and that He has a plan for my future; plans to prosper me and not to harm me. All of that means that I have faith and I have hope and I know that no matter what this world throws at me, He has my back. He has placed amazing people in my life to help me, to help share my story, to lift me up when I’m down, or to kick my butt when it needs kicking in gear. But today, today I laid things at the feet of Jesus and today, today things feel right again. I can’t tell you that I’m perfect or that my life is perfect or that it has been anything near sunshine and rainbows. Maybe one of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging so much is because sometimes when I put my stress on paper I feel just a little bit crazy for thinking that God couldn’t handle it if He could save the whole world and sacrifice His Son all in one foul swoop. But today it seems like I slowed down a little bit, got on my knees and prayed, not for Him to take things away from me or to lift weights off my shoulders, but that He would forgive me for thinking I could do this without Him. That He would have mercy on me for walking around knowing that He loves me and loving Him back, but not with my whole heart, not with everything I have. I’ve been blinded by the things of this world and therefore bogged down by the worries of this world thinking that this is all there is. But today it was like my eyes were opened and I can see once again that this is only temporary; with my eyes set on the Lord and my heart forever praising Him, He will fill me up day after day, moment by moment, setting my path before me. He never promises this path to be easy, for even the Son of God did not have an easy path in this life. In fact, He says it will be harder for believing in Him goes against what this world says and everything that this world wants to drag you into doing. And while just today reopening my eyes may not seem like a lot, for me it is giving my motivation back, and giving me my love for people back that had somehow crawled into that dark spot of depression that I thought I had covered up for good. The devil took an old wound of mine, depression, ripped off the bandage and started twisting, knowing I would fall before I reached out my hand for God and for help. But now, even though it may have taken a while to look back in the right direction, I see He has a plan and has had a plan all along. For there is nothing without Him and God is good all the time and all the time God is good. For in the wreckage, He is there, and in the triumphs, He is there. He will never leave nor foresake me, only wait patiently for me to whisper, “Father, Abba, I need you.” Which He has known all along, and then He scoops me up in His arms like He did today, holds me close and through life’s miracles, through friends, through beautiful sunrises and sunsets, through understanding professors, and sixth graders that tell you they never want you to leave, He whispers back, “I love you, my child. I will never leave nor foresake you, I am always with you. You are NEVER alone.”